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Meriam Ibrahim: Sudan


UPDATE September 13, 2014
See Merriam’s interview with Meghan Kelly on Fox News Monday, September 15 at 9:00 PM ET/PT.

UPDATE  August 1, 2014
Meriam Ibrahim and her family flew from Rome and arrived in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania today.  They were met by the mayor and greeted by cheering supporters waving flags.  The family flew on to Manchester, NH, where they will make their home. Daniel Wani, Meriam’s husband, thanked the Sudanese population of New Hampshire for their support.  Meriam has expressed sadness at leaving her country, where she was born, and which she loves, but the people of Manchester greeted them with balloons and cheers, and the towns people have expressed joy at receiving the family into their community.

Source:  NE News Now

Father, I lift up Meriam to You today.  We are so glad to have her safely out of Sudan, in the hands of a loving community in New Hampshire, but at the same time we recognize all the grief that Meriam has faced in the last year, and the loss that she must feel in leaving her homeland.  I pray with all my heart that You will flood her life with peace, joy and hope.  I pray that she will feel welcome, at home, and safe in her new city, and that she will find a new place to stand.  May her children grow up in Your loving kindness and tender mercies, and may her family grow together as one unit, praising and glorifying You, as they forge this new road You have brought them to.  In Jesus loving name, Amen.

UPDATE July 24, 2014
Meriam and her family flew to Italy today on board an Italian government plane.  The Italian government was instrumental in getting the family safely out of Sudan.  (Where what the US government on helping their own citizens?)  The family met with the pope and plans to spend several days in Italy, resting, before flying to the United States.  THANKS to the Italian government for all they’ve done to help rescue this Christian family.

Sources:  ACLJ
BBC News Africa

UPDATE July 12, 2014
Meriam and her family won’t be safe until they are allowed to leave Sudan.  Please consider writing a letter to President Obama respectfully asking him to take whatever means necessary to get this family out of danger.

A doctor has examined Maya, Meriam’s two month old daughter, and initial reports are that she was not damaged during her birth, as previously feared.  An ultrasound will need to be performed to confirm this, however.

Source:  CP AFrica

UPDATE July 2, 2014
Meriam remains in a “safe” place (presumably the US Embassy in Khartoum).  She spoke to CNN in the first interview given since her imprisonment.  She is concerned that her infant girl, Maya, may be disabled because of the way she was born–Meriam’s legs were chained together and she was not able to separate them to give birth.  Her lawyer indicates that new charges brought against her by the Sudanese government will be prosecuted, and Meriam will not be allowed to leave the country.  Her alleged “brother” is seeking to gain custody of Meriam through Sharia law so that he can execute her himself.  “To be honest, I’m really miserable,” Meriam said to CNN reporter Terrence McCoy.  She doesn’t know what is the best course of action for her children.

Please pray for Meriam, her family, the Sudanese government, and the officials at the US State Department.  Hopefully they are still working towards her release although they claim that is up to the Sudanese government alone.

Sources:  CNN
Christian Today

Sign a petition to urge the Obama administration to do what must be done to bring Meriam and her family home to the US.

CNN News clip regarding Meriam’s case.

UPDATE June 25, 2014
meriam babyAccording to the Huffington Post, Meriam remains in detention at the police station in Khartoum, where her family remains with her, refusing to leave her alone.  Her husband, an American citizen who is also a citizen of South Sudan, went to his own embassies to secure an emergency passport and an American Visa for his wife.  The governments of South Sudan and the United States, which recognize his marriage to Meriam, gave him the documents according to the laws of their countries.  Sudan does not recognize Meriam’s marriage to a Christian man, and has accused her of forging the documents that would allow her to leave the country of Sudan, a crime punishable by five years in prison.  A spokesperson for the US State Department says the Sudanese government has assured them that the family is safe.  The State Department is “engaged directly” with the Sudanese officials to secure the quick and safe release of this beleaguered family.

Some reports say that Merriam has been released on bail, but the charges remain. and she has been banned from leaving Sudan.

Source:  The Huffington Post
Life News
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UPDATE June 24, 2014 2:51 PM MST
According to Sudanese officials, Meriam and her family are free once again.  They were “delayed temporarily for problems with her papers” but according to her lawyer, Shareif Ali Shareif, he was denied access to her during her detainment.  The US State Department says they are “working with the Sudan government” to get the family safely out of the country.  Meriam is required to get a Sudanese passport and Visa before she will be allowed to leave the country, according to the Sudanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  There is no word as to how long this process may take.

Source:  Examiner.com

UPDATE June 24, 2014  12 PM MST
Meriam, her husband, Daniel Wani, and her two children were arrested just hours after the courts reversed her verdict and released her.  They were at the airport, attempting to go to a safe place, when 40 agents of the National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS) arrested the entire family.  Martin is 20 months old, and Maya is one month old.  Meriam’s lawyer, Shareif Ali Shareif, confirmed that the family was arrested at 12:30 GMT.

The National Intelligence and Security Service, dubbed “the agents of fear”, is not governed by the court system.  They are free to detain people indefinitely.  Detainees are frequently taken to a “ghost house” where they are tortured.  There is no word on why the family was detained.  Mr. Wani is an American citizen.

Source:  MSN News

UPDATE June 23, 2014
Meriam Ibrahim was released from prison in the Sudan today when she was freed from death row in the appeal of her court case.  She and her two small children are now with her husband.

“Today’s ruling is a small step to redressing the injustice done to Meriam,” said Sarah Jackson, Deputy Regional Director at Amnesty International.  “However, she should never have been prosecuted. Meriam was sentenced to death when eight months pregnant for something which should not be a crime. Furthermore, her abhorrent treatment, including being shackled, violated international human rights law against ill-treatment.”

Please continue to pray for those countries ruled by laws that restrict basic human rights and freedoms.

Source:  Amnesty International
Christianity Today
The Telegraph

Father, THANK YOU for working through Amnesty International and all the other organizations working on Meriam’s behalf.  Keep her family safe and open the doors for their immigration to the United States.  Bless Sudan, and bring peace, justice, and freedom to this country.  Protect the citizens, open their eyes to the truth, and pour out Your Spirit of Love upon everyone living there.  In Jesus glorious power, Amen.

UPDATE Summary June 9, 2014

UPDATE June 7, 2014
martin waniThe State Department of the United States is demanding a paternity test be completed on Meriam’s two children before they will recognize them as US citizens.  This violates American law, but is in line with Sharia law, the “law” that has sentenced Meriam to death for being a Christian.

What you can do:
Sign a petition to the White House asking President Obama to do all that he can to see that this mother and her A

UPDATE June 6, 2014
The United States Congress unanimously passed a resolution demanding that Meriam and her two American children be released immediately.  Read more at ACLJ.

The State Department has not yet recognized Daniel Wani’s children as American citizens, which they are, by law.  I wonder why our government will allow a toddler and a newborn, children of an American father, to remain on death row.

UPDATE June 5, 2014
meriamDaniel Wani, Meriam’s husband, moved to the United States from Sudan in 1998, and became a US citizen in 2005.  He suffers from muscular dystrophy and is confined to a wheel chair.  He met Meriam, a physician, on a visit to Sudan and they were married in 2011.  Last summer Wani went to Sudan to make arrangements to bring his wife and children to live with him in New Hampshire.  During the course of making these arrangements, someone claiming to be Meriam’s brother (she doesn’t have any living relatives that she knows of) accused her of apostasy to the authorities and she was arrested.  On February 17, 2014, she was convicted of adultery (Sharia law doesn’t recognize her marriage to a Christian man) and apostasy.  (Although she was raised as a Christian by her Christian mother and her Muslim father abandoned them when Meriam was 6, Sharia law claims her as  Muslim because of her father, hence the apostasy charge.)  She was sentenced to 100 lashes and death by hanging.  The Sudanese government will not release the couple’s two children, Martin (20 months) and Maya (1 week) to their father because Sharia law considers a Christian man to be an unfit father.  Both children are in the prison cell on death row with their mother.  Maya was born in the cell last week, and Martin is in poor physical health due to the bad conditions in which he is living.  The government argues that this is a matter of law–not religious freedom (which they claim they have in their country) nor politics.  If Meriam’s death sentence is carried out, she will be the first person executed for apostasy since Sharia law went into effect in 1991.

What you can do:

  • Write to your congressional representatives and urge them to do whatever it takes to rescue Meriam and her children.
  • Write to Meriam.

Meriam Yahia Ibrahim
P.O.Box 65,

UPDATE June 4, 2014
Yesterday the State Department of the United States finally admitted that Meriam’s husband, Daniel Wani, is an American citizen.  They have not claimed his two children, 20 month old Martin, and their newborn baby girl, to be American citizens, which they are, by birth and by law.

What you can do:
Contact your congressional representatives and urge them to do all they can to have Meriam and her 2 children, shackled in prison on death row, released.

UPDATE June 2, 2014
Over the weekend the Sudanese government made a statement that they are getting ready to free Meriam Ibrahim and her two American children.  Later in the weekend, they recanted that statement, and said they will wait to hear what the appeals court verdict is.  Is the Sudanese government just playing games to silence the international outcry over this travesty?

UPDATE  May 28, 2014
Meriam has given birth, in prison, to a baby girl who is an American citizen due to the citizenship of her American father.  She is shackled in her cell, with her two children, awaiting the flogging to which she has been sentenced.  (She is to receive 100 lashes for having sex with a Christian man.  It doesn’t matter that the man is her husband.)  After her baby is weaned, she is to be hanged for being a Christian.

Please sign the petition to work to reverse this sentence and set this woman free.  This situation has never occurred in Sudan before, and must be stopped before it sets a precedence!

UPDATE May 27, 2014
Meriam’s son, Martin (20 months old) is in prison with her because, as a Christian, his father “has no rights” to his children.  If she is executed, her children will become wards of the state, and raised as Muslims, even though her children are citizens of the United States.  Her husband, Daniel Wani, is also a doctor.  He has dual citizenship in Sudan and the United States.  He and Meriam were married in a Khartoum  church in 2012.  Three witnesses came to testify at Meriam’s trial regarding her life-long Christian faith but weren’t allowed to speak.  It’s been reported that Meriam has been abused during her imprisonment.  She and her toddler son have been denied medical attention.  Her husband is not allowed to visit them in prison.  Lawyers plan to appeal Meriam’s case.

Source:  Open Doors

UPDATE May 23, 2014
Here are the addresses of some of the Sudan’s political leaders.  You may email them, politely requesting their assistance in freeing Meriam and her toddler son, Martin.

Minister of Justice
Mohamed Bushara Dousa
Ministry of Justice
Email: moj@moj.gov.sd

Minister of Foreign Affairs
Ali Ahmed Karti
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Email: ministry@mfa.gov.sd
Fax: +249 183 764 168 / +249 183 770 883

Minister of Interior
Ibrahim Mahmoud Hamed
Ministry of Interior
Email: mut@isoc.sd

President of Sudan
HE Omar Hassan Ahmad al-Bashir
Office of the President
Fax: + 249 183 783223

UPDATE May 21, 2014
Apparently Meriam’s 20 month old son, Martin, an American citizen, is imprisoned with her.  She is shackled to her cell in death row, and her little boy is sick from the prison conditions.  It’s possible that he may be turned over to the very people who kill his mother following her execution.  Why isn’t he with his Christian father, an American citizen?

Source:  American Center for Law and Justice

Meriam Ibrahim, daughter of a Christian woman and a Muslim man, was sentenced to be tortured and executed because of her religion.  Her father abandoned the family, and Meriam was raised as a Christian, but the Sudanese government doesn’t recognize her faith.  She was given three days to recant, which she has refused to do.  Meriam is pregnant, and after she gives birth she will be beaten with 100 lashes and then killed.

Meriam is a physician, married to a Christian man from South Sudan who is an American citizen.  Her sentence of 100 lashes is for  “adultery” in having relations with a Christian man.

American Center for Law and Justice
Fox News
Amnesty International

What you can do:

  • Pray for Meriam, her husband, her 20 month old son, and her fetus.
  • Pray for the Sudanese judicial system.
  • Pray for God’s intervention on her behalf.
  • Sign a petition for her release.

Father God,
I can’t believe the things people suffer throughout the world, and religious persecution is one of the most outrageous, reprehensible, and long-lasting crimes against humanity.  I thank you for Your daughter, Meriam, and her courageous stand against the government of her country.  I ask You to intervene in her life.  Change the Sudanese laws, change the mind of the judge, let the international community stand up for her most basic human rights.  Pour out Your presence within her.  Strengthen her with Your power.  Take away her fear, and fill her with Your might.  Open up her eyes to see You, her ears to hear You, and her heart to love and know You better as a result of this horrible situation.  I ask You to do the same for her husband.  Give him wisdom to know what to do, and the patience and grace to handle the situation as it changes.  Glorify Yourself through Meriam.  Amen.