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Abdul: Uganda


When Abdul and his family became Christians, they faced harassment and persecution from their neighbors.  Local authorities came to their defense and the problems ceased.  Please pray for him, his family and their village, that all may live together in peace and respect.  I thank God for sending help through the government!


Susan Ithungu: Uganda


In 2009, when she was 13, Susan Ithungu became a Christian.  When her father found out he beat her and locked her in a small space with little food or water.  She remained there for six months until she was rescued, weighing just 45 pounds at the time of her release.  She was no longer able to walk, however with medical attention and rehabilitation, Susan is thriving at her new boarding school.  She is able to walk with the use of prosthetic support.

Susan’s care giver, Dedra, continues to encourage and help Susan.

What you can do:
•    Pray for Susan to stay strong, and find God’s calling for her life.
•    Pray for Dedra’s business and family, that God will provide all their needs as she continues to care for Susan.
•    Pray for Susan’s family, including her father.

Source:  Voice of the Martyrs

Father, Susan is an amazing young woman who inspires awe in me.  I can’t imagine what it must have been like for her locked up in her father’s house, wasting away, with no apparent help.  But You were there with her.  I thank You for seeing to her rescues, rehabilitation, and new living arrangements.  I thank You for all the people who helped her, and stood by her, especially Dedra who has given so much of her time, effort, and herself to Susan.  I pray that You will strengthen her business, and provide for the needs of her family, so that she can continue to care for Susan.  I thank You for the glorious testimony she is to Your loving care.  Bless her, guide, her, and strongly support her all the days of her life.  Amen

Umar Mulinde: Uganda


Bishop-Umar-Mulinde-HospitalUPDATE  August 1, 2014
Pastor Umar Mulinde was welcomed back to his church in Uganda on May 25, 2014, after spending two years in Israel receiving treatment for acid burns he received on his face when he was attacked by a mob opposed to his faith.  The pastor lost his right eye in the attack, and underwent serious facial reconstruction.   He said his recovery is “a turn of events for a wonderful testimony.”

Source:  Voice of the Martyrs

Father, I pray for Pastor Umar today as he is working to restore his life and ministry in the place of his attack.  I thank You for the incredible courage that he has in returning to the location causing so much pain and hardship, and I pray that You will be his strength and shield.  Deliver him from evil.  Give him favor with the local people–Christian, Muslim, and all his neighbors–and make him a blessing to the total community.  Restore his family.  Protect his church.  Anoint his calling.  Reign in his home.  For Your Glory and Grace!

UPDATE  April 24, 2014
Umar is making a good recovery.  His medical needs are being met by charitable organizations.  He hopes to be able to return to his family and home soon.

Pastor Umar Mulinde was attacked in 2011 on his way to a Christmas Eve party at his church.  Umar turned around when a man called out to him, and a man threw acid into his face.  Others threw more acid on his back.  Thirty percent of his face was burned, and Umar was blinded in one eye.  During the past 2 years he has undergone a series of surgeries in Israel.  The pastor is getting better and looking forward to returning to his church in Uganda.  He is thankful that his children are doing well in school.

What you can do:
Pray for Umar, his family, and his congregation.

Source:  Voice of the Martyrs
Dear Lord Above,
I can’t imagine the pain that Umar and his family must be going through.  I thank you that he is receiving the medical attention that he needs in order to heal and return to his family.  I pray that You will fill him with Your presence and keep him strong and courageous as he goes through this very hard time of restoration.  I pray that You will protect his family.  Strengthen them, meet their needs, and continue to provide for his medical expenses.  Thank You that You are the God who is there, that You will never leave Umar nor will You forsake him.  Make this time in his life one of great growth.  In Jesus amazing name, Amen.