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Dioniz Ng’wandu, and Temistores: Tanzania


A group of Christian men who were praying together in the village of Bukoba, Tanzania, were attacked on October 9, 2014 by a group of people with machetes.  Two men were killed, and another one, Temistores, was hospitalized.  Dioniz Ng’wandu died, leaving behind his wife and two small children.  Tanzania used to be considered a safe country for people of all faiths, but increasing numbers of extremists are attempting to drive out those of differing beliefs.

Sources:  Voice of the Martyrs

What you can do:

  • Pray for the families of the men who were attacked.
  • Pray for the church that is under pressure to dissolve.
  • Pray for the people and the government of Tanzania.

Father in Heaven, You are the Lord of all, and nothing happens to us that does not come through You.  I pray for the families of the two men who were killed, and ask You to protect, defend, and provide for them.  Give wisdom to the leaders of the church and show them how best to deal with the pressure that is upon them.  Pour out Your love upon all the members of the community, so that they may be enabled and empowered to love their enemies, and do good to them.  Bless the government of Tanzania, and empower them to deal with the increasing chaos that has come upon their land.  Bless this country and those who live there.  For the sake of Your name.  Amen.


Dioniz Ng’wandu and Temistores: Tanzania


Two Christian men, Dioniz Ng’wandu, a secondary school teacher, and Temistores, were attacked on October 9, 2014, by a group of people wielding machetes.  The men were at a prayer meeting in their partially constructed church building when the mob attacked.  Dioniz was killed in the attack, leaving his wife and two small children behind.  Temistores was hospitalized by his injuries.  Islamic extremists are attempting to drive all Christians from the area.

Sources:  Voice of the Martyrs
Open Doors

What you can do:

  • Pray for the church and its members.
  • Pray for the widow of Dioniz, and his two small children, aged 2 and 4.
  • Write to your US Representatives regarding the need to address the appalling religious persecution in the world today.  It’s not just Christians who are being targeted, but any minority group that is the terrorists way.

Father, until recently Tanzania was considered a safe country, one of religious freedom and tolerance, but Boko Haram is doing its best to changed that, and seems to be succeeding very well.  I pray for each member of the terrorist networks in that country.  I ask You to pour out Your Spirit on each person, revealing Yourself to them as You once revealed Yourself to Saul.  I pray that You will turn the entire situation around, but until You do, I lift up each person in Tanzania to You.  I ask You to protect them and deliver them from evil, support them, strengthen them, and give them wisdom about how to deal with this continuing threat.  Pour out Your grace and mercy over the entire country.  Show the leaders what to do to protect their citizens.  Bring religious communities together to stand with one another in defending themselves against this attack.  Bring down the powers of darkness that want to reign in that country, and bring it into Your marvelous love.  Amen.

Pastors: Tanzania


Forty-three Christian pastors in Tanzania have been charged with blasphemy for teaching Christian principles to their congregations.  If convicted they face up to fourteen years in prison.   They have also been charged a fine the equivalent of $3,000 in order to continue their ministries.

What you can do:

  • Pray for them.
  • Give financially to organizations that support persecuted people.

Source:  Voice of the MartyrsBe a Voice Network

Father, I pray for the people of Tanzania, a country that has been considered religiously free for decades.  I pray that You will stop the vicious tide of persecution that we see in so many countries in the world today from entering Tanzania, and that You will strengthen Your church there.  I pray for each of these pastors, their families, and all the people with whom they have contact.  I pray that You will be their defender, their leader, and their guide.  Show them how to handle this situation in a way that glorifies You.  Give them the funds necessary to pay the fine, and bless their ongoing work.  Give the leaders of the country wisdom and direction as they make new laws and move their country forward.  Let all of this bring You glory, because You are the Amazing God!

Eva Abdullah: Tanzania


July 19, 2013  Relocated
Eva has been relocated to a new section of the country due to threats against her because of her acquittal.  She is adjusting well.

January 11, 2013–Acquitted!
Eva Abdullah has been acquitted of all blasphemy charges!  The High Court of Tanzania ruled that she was not quilty of defiling the Quran.  On Friday, January 11 a representative of Voice of the Martyrs spoke with Eva on the phone.  She said, “It’s a fiesta before the prison right now!”  The paper work needed to release her has not yet been processed.  People close to the case reported that the prison letters were very effective.

January 5, 2013
Eva remains in prison in Tanzania.  When she refused to recant her Christian faith, the 17 year old girl was falsely accused of defiling a Quran and sentenced to 2 years in prison.  (Tanzania is not considered a country where religious freedom is restricted.)  She is currently serving her sentence.  You can go here to write a letter of encouragement to her.

eva abdullahOriginal Report
Eva Abdullah, 17 years old, was arrested in January, 2012, on charges of defaming a Quran.  She had been accosted by a group of radicals from her home town, and refused to recant her faith.  It was then that the radicals falsely accused her of urinating on a Quran.  At her trial, on July 23, the judge, who was allegedly bribed by her accusers, found her guilty and sentenced her to 2 years in prison.

Eva was brought up in the Muslim faith, and after her conversion to Christianity her family disowned her.  She had been living with a pastor’s family at the time of her arrest.

A representative of Voice of the Martyrs visited Eva in prison in October.  He brought some papers for her to sign regarding an appeal, which is being handled by sympathetic attorneys who have agreed to defer payment for their services.  Voice of the Martyrs is helping to fund her legal counsel.  Two Christian prison guards are in charge of Eva’s care.  They are doing all they can to keep her safe during her incarceration.

What you can do:

  • Pray for Eva, the guards who are protecting her, her family, and fellow prisoners.
  • Write to her at

Eva Abdullah
Bagamoyo District Prison
P.O. Box 92
Bagamoyo, Pwani, Tanzania

When writing to her, please remember not to mention the names of any organizations, or where you received this information, as this often leads to new accusations of “threatening national security”, and harsher treatment from prison guards.  It’s fine to send her a letter as an individual who is concerned about her welfare.

Information source:  Voice of the Martyrs
Dear Father in heaven,
I thank You with all my heart for this brave young woman.  She’s been forsaken by her family, betrayed by her neighbors, and abandoned by the judicial system, yet she remains committed to You.  Strengthen her with power in her inner self, Lord, and let her experience every day how deep and how wide, how high and wide Your love for her is.  Keep her in the hearts and minds of Your people so that we will pray for her earnestly, regularly, and with many different kinds of prayers.  I thank you for Voice of the Martyrs who has picked up her case and is working on her behalf.  Give them wisdom about how best to serve her, and give them favor in the eyes of the judicial system.  Protect Eva, and her 2 Christian guards.  Let them be one in Spirit, and shine Your light in the darkness of the prison.  May great honor and glory come to You because of their sacrifice.  In Jesus name, Amen.