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Pray for Syria


The civil war in Syria has been going on for 3 years.  More than 70,000 citizens have been killed during this conflict, and thousands have been displaced from their homes.  Turkey is setting up enormous refugee camps in order to help those fleeing from their own country.

Syrian Christians have suffered enormously.  Religious freedom was moderately protected during the Assad regime, and so those who are not Muslims are now perceived to be “on the side” of the government, and are especially targeted by rebels.  In several Christian communities, entire neighborhoods have been evicted (Christians only), and their homes and businesses burned or taken over.  Sharia law reigns in some areas–there have been reports of people walking around without hands, presumably they were cut off because of stealing.

Syrian Christians don’t know what to do, they don’t even know what to pray for.  They have set aside Saturday, May 11 as a national day of prayer and fasting for their country.  They have asked the world of Christian believers to join them, making this an international day of prayer for Syria.  Won’t you join, too!

Open Doors
Voice of the Martyrs

Check out 8thirty8, a website dedicated to praying for persecuted Christians.  You can accept the challenged to set an alarm for 8:38 PM to pray daily for those in peril because of their faith.
Dear Father God, Maker of heaven and earth, Lord of the kings of the earth,
Your people in Syria are in great trouble.  Thousands have been killed by their own government, or caught in the crossfire of a raging war.  Children have seen their parents killed.  Parents have seen their children maimed.  Families have been evicted, and homes destroyed.  You are the God of the widows, the orphans, the wounded, the broken, the bleeding, the mourning, and the homeless.  You are the sovereign God of all creation.  We ask you to flood the country of Syria with the light of Your presence, Father.  We ask you to intervene in the disastrous calamity that overwhelms the people of Syria.  Bring the leaders to their senses.  Give them wisdom, understanding, common sense, and solutions to the problems they are facing.  Bring peace to this country, Lord.  Raise up a leader who can bridge the gap between the opposing parties, and bring them to a positive consensus.  Support the innocent, Lord.  Provide protection, shelter, and food to those who are displaced.  Give Your people wisdom, to know what to do, to know how to pray, to know the best way to show Your love to family, friends, and enemies.  Let Your kingdom come to Syria, Father.  Pour out Your presence upon each person in that war torn land, and lead them in the way that is right.  We look forward to watching Your hand at work in this country that You love.  In the mighty, precious, wonderful name of Jesus, King of kings, and Lord of lords!