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Kim Sang-Hwa: North and South Korea


Kim Sang-Hwa, the daughter of a North Korean pastor, discovered a Bible hidden in a secret closet of her parent’s house when she was just twelve.

I started to feel inside the cabinet with my hand and I felt a book. I pulled it out, opened the book and began to read.  I began to shiver and dropped the book. I was so scared. My discovery could cost me my life. I was afraid to touch the Bible, but I couldn’t just leave it there. I closed my eyes, picked up the book and put it back. I weighed my options. Should I tell my teacher? Should I visit the local security official? For fifteen days, I couldn’t think about anything else. I knew it was my duty to report this illegal book. But it was my family which was involved. And I also had all these questions: “Who is this God? … Or what”?

Finally she asked her father about the book, and he told her about God—all that He has made and all that He has done for her. She found a new life, a secret life, but one that is rich and full. Her parents continue to minister to people in the remote area to which they were banished in South Korea.

Source: Open Doors

What You can Do:

  • Pray for Kim Sang-Hwa, her family, and the secret church that meets in their house.
  • Write to your congressional representatives about the world-wide persecution of Christians.

Father, I thank You for the courage of this family–they were banished to another country, and yet they continue to love and serve You.  I thank You for protecting them, for growing the church in their home, for providing for all their needs.  I pray that You will continue to bless them and lead them, producing much fruit through their lives.  



John Short: North Korea


An Australian citizen, on a sight seeing trip through North Korea with a tour group, was questioned and detained on February 16, 2014, because he was carrying Christian materials in his suitcase.  Some of the materials were written in Korean.  His wife Karen made this statement:  “There’s risk involved. [John] knew that too. But when you know what you must do, you do it. [North Korea is] not an open country and it doesn’t welcome Christians—yes, we realize that. But that doesn’t mean we stand by and don’t do anything … sometimes you have to do more than talk.”

What You can Do:
Pray for John Short and his wife, Karen.
Go to  to write a prayer for this family.

Source:  Voice of the Martyrs

Father in Heaven,
We lift up John and Karen Short to You today.  We ask You to give them courage, strength, and endurance during this trial.  We ask You to intervene on their behalf, and bring the North Korean officials to release him.  We remember the thousands of people in North Korean prison camps, Lord.  Unspeakable things are done to them on a daily basis.  They need Your power to endure the long years of vicious incarceration that they are given.  I am often overwhelmed with the horror of the situation in this country, Father, and I ask You with all that I am to BE THERE with EACH prisoner.  Sustain them, support them, cut off their nerve cells to reduce their pain.  FORGIVE THEM when they fail to persevere.  Protect their children.  Pour out Your kindness on them and redeem the situation now–how can they wait, Lord?  I am speechless before You about this.  It is too big for me to comprehend.  Let Your kingdom come to North Korea!  Amen.