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Pastor Hammadi*: Mali


Pastor Hammadi * narrowly missed an attack by religious extremists in Timbuktu, when he chose to purchase a plane ticket and leave early for a conference rather than wait for a free flight.  Shortly after arriving in Bamako, the pastor received calls from friends telling him of a plot to kidnap him that very day.  Pastor Hammadi * has decided not to return to the area right now.  Please pray for him as he makes decisions regarding his future.

*Hammadi is not his real name.

Source:  Open Doors

Father, I ask you to give Pastor Hammadi* wisdom and insight as he makes plans for his future.  Lead him to the place where You wish his new ministry to be, and give him peace and joy in the midst of these distressing circumstances.  Protect the people in Timbuktu, and raise up a new leader for them in the absence of their pastor.  Flood the land with Your mercy, grace and love.  In Jesus name, Amen.