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“Tien”: Laos


“Tien”, sixteen years old, has been barred from attending church by her family.  Her grandmother began showing up at the church services and yelling at the group, and so “Tien” decided to stop attending to keep the church from getting in trouble.  “I really love God and I want to go to church,” Tien said. “Please pray for me, that one day my grandmother or my family will understand me.”

Source:  Voice of the MartyrsBe a Voice Network

Father, I thank You for this young woman.  I thank You that she is willing to obey her parents and grandparents, and I pray that You will honor her because of this.  I ask You to be her church, to reveal Yourself to her in deeper and greater ways because she is not able to go to church.  I thank You for her family who believe that they are protecting her.  I pray that You will bring them all closer together, and that you will give “Tien” a voice among them, that they will listen to her and respect her when she speaks to them about You.  I believe that You are doing a great work within her family and I am grateful and joyful to see what lies ahead!


Kapono: Laos


Kapono and his family fled their home in southern Laos on January 9, 2013, just two weeks after choosing to follow Jesus.  Their Buddhist family and friends took their cow and drove them off their 4 acres of land.  The family is staying with a Christian friend in a village nearby.

What you can do:

  • Pray that the family will find a new home, with land, so that they are able to make a living.
  • Pray for their family and friends in their old village, and acceptance in a new village.

Father God,
We lift up Kapono and his family to You today.  They only knew You for 2 weeks before they lost everything!  Strengthen, support them, and provide for them in a powerful, miraculous way so that they may taste and see the glory of Your Name.  Father, please give them a new home, and a way to earn a living so they can support themselves, and give to others in need.  Pour out Your mercy and grace upon each member of this family, and upon their old home, their old village, and their family.  Let the light of Your good news penetrate all that they lost, and bring new life to their old home.  Help us to remember to pray for them daily as they face this amazing struggle in a land that is hostile toward You.  May we learn from their brave stand, and remember their example when we enter our own struggles.  In the loving name of Jesus, our Savior, Amen.

Source:  Open Doors