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George Murik: Kenya


George Murik, a 25-year-old university student, was shot three times in the back outside of his church building when his attackers mistakenly thought he was the church’s pastor. He died as a result of the attack. The police responded quickly, and probably averted further damage to the church. The pastor was inside finishing up a service. He has been followed and harassed repeatedly for the last three months.

Sources: Voice of the Martyrs
The News

What you can do:

  • Pray for the family and friends of George Murik.
  • Pray for the pastor, his family, and his church.
  • Write to your congressional representatives regarding the persecution of Christians throughout the world.

Father, I pray for George’s family and friends.  His whole life was before him, brutally cut off, changing the lives of his family forever.  I pray for Your comfort and strength, that Your healing hand would be on all who are suffering because of his death.  I pray for the pastor of the church, that You will keep him safe, strong, and confident.  Give him wisdom and discernment, and lead him in the path You have prepared for him.  I pray for all the members of his church, that You will strengthen them, reveal Yourself to them, and allow them to live each day in the glory of Your presence.  In Jesus’ name, Amen.



Christians: Kenya


Christians living in Hindi, Kenya, were attacked on July 5th, leaving 12 people dead.  The group also assaulted two other towns, where they attacked Christian homes, but left the homes of Muslims alone.  A crying child watched as his father was dragged out of his home and killed.  After killing another man, they took his Bible and placed it on his back.  At least 3,000 people have fled their homes, fearing more attacks.

Source:  Voice of the Martyrs

What you can do:

  • Pray for the people and government of Kenya
  • Pray for the terrorists responsible for these attacks
  • Contact your representatives in protest of the rising attacks against Christians around the world

Father, here is another large group of people driven from their homes by religious intolerance.  We pray for each person affected by these attacks–for the little boy who watched his father die, for the thousands of families driven from their homes, for those responsible for the attacks.  Send strength, hope, peace, and provision to those who need it.  Send understanding, repentance, and forgiveness to those who need it.  Surround each person with the power and joy of Your active presence and bring them to the center of Your heart.  Restore peace to Kenya, Father, and send light to every dark place.  Give the government wisdom, purpose, and determination to deal with this growing problem in their land.  Let Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. 



Charles and Clarice Matole: Kenya


Pastor Charles Matole, of Kenya, had been receiving death threats for months.  His church building was stoned during prayer meetings in an attempt to drive the members away.  The pastor was found, slumped over in a chair at his church, with a Bible in his lap.  He had been shot to death.  Charles was 41 years old.

What you can do:

  • Please pray for Clarice, the pastor’s wife, and her children.
  • Pray also for the congregation, and those who attacked the pastor.

Source:  Voice of the Martyrs
Father in heaven,
We thank you for Pastor Matole today.  I am amazed as his perseverance, and grateful that he is now resting in peace.  His widow and children still face incredible persecution and disaster here on earth.  We lift up Clarice to You.  We ask You to give her wisdom, knowledge, peace, and comfort.  Guide her in the direction she should go.  Provide for her physical, emotional, and spiritual needs, as well as the needs of her children.  Protect them, Father.  Deliver them from evil.  Refresh their souls, and restore their lives.   Bring them all safely into the kingdom of the Son of Your love.  Amen.


Ebrahim and Sarah Kdhartha: Kenya


Ebrahim Kidhatha was killed on October 19, 2013.  His wife became worried when he didn’t return from an errand and didn’t answer his cellphone.  He was found about 35 miles north of Mombasa.  Pastor Ebrahim had started 36 churches.  He was beginning a term at a new church at the time of his death.

What you can do:

  • Pray for Ebrahim’s wife, Sarah, and his family.
  • Pray for his congregation.

Source:  Voice of the Martyrs
Father of All,
Thank you that you are the Lord of all and that nothing happens outside of Your control.  We lift up Sarah today and ask you to fill her with faith, confidence, hope, and endurance.  Pour out Your Spirit upon her and her children to comfort and provide for them.  Give her wisdom to know what to do next, and lead her into quiet pastures, and by still waters.  Restore her soul, her life, and give her a vision of her future hope.  In Jesus’ name, Amen.


Gladys Juma: Kenya


Last year, just about this time, Jackson and Demaris Kioko were married.  A week after their wedding, Jackson and his friend, Benjamin Juma, set off on an evangelistic campaign in Mombasa.  The two men were attacked by a mob, and burned to ashes.  This week Gladys Juma, Benjamin’s widow, wrote a letter to fellow Christians.  Here’s a little part of what she said:

Dear Open Doors friends, I want to take the opportunity to thank you for your prayer and support for me and my four children since the murder of my husband almost a year ago.

I want you all to know that God has been so faithful to me. He has given me and the children a lot of physical and spiritual favor. We are healthy and have everything we need. And we have been showered with love and care from Christians around the world. The Lord has been using your prayers to strengthen me. There have been times when I remained standing only because I knew someone somewhere was lifting me up to our Lord in prayer.

You can read the whole letter here.

Thank you for all of your prayers on behalf of Gladys, Demaris, and the thousands of other people who have lost family members and friends because of persecution and slavery.  Keep on, folks!  It makes a difference!

Source:  Open Doors

Father, You continue to amaze us through the blessing of allowing us to hear directly from those we are praying for.  Thank You for Your tender mercies and Your loving care of Gladys and her children.  Thank You for the strength You’ve given her, the endurance she is living, and the provision of all her needs.  I pray that all those around her will be completely amazed at Your work in her life, and that her children will know Your presence every minute of their lives.  May Benjamin’s life and death continue to reap a harvest for You.  Thank You for all You give to us, all You do for us, and Your amazing love that would cause You to die for us.  It’s all about You!  I love You, Amen.

Jackson and Damaris Kioko: Kenya


damaris-and-jacksonMay 1, 2012 Jackson and Damaris Kioko were married.  Jackson was a pastor who made frequent trips to evangelize around the country.  On May 7th, the first day back to work after his wedding, he set off on a routine trip.  “We parted happily and I did not imagine that I would never see him again,” Damaris says.  The next day, an angry mob attacked Pastor Kioko and set him and his traveling companion, Benjamin, on fire.  Their bodies were burned to ashes.

“Through the prayers and support of friend, family, and the church, I have been given the strength to hold on.  I ask for more prayers!  This is so hard, …so hard.”

Source:  Open Doors

What you can do:

  • Pray for Damaris’ and Jackson’s friends and family as they go through this difficult time.
  • Encourage your elected representatives to support the Advocates for Religious Freedom in the State Department, and to incorporate Religious Freedom as part of the US Foreign Policy.

God in heaven, we uphold the family and friends of Jackson Kiolo, and his traveling companion, Benjamin, as they go through this terrible time of loss.  Comfort their hearts and their minds, so they will not dwell on the horrible thing that happened to the ones they love, Father.  Fill their thoughts and feelings with the joy of their relationship with these men.  Pour out Your Spirit upon their attackers Lord.  Open their eyes to see the truth that Jackson and Benjamin laid down their lives to bring to them.  Send revival in the wake of their deaths, and let the name of Jesus triumph in every way over this awful event.

Bless Damaris, Lord.  She is filled with grief and loss.  Fill her instead with your love, healing, and the presence of the risen Lord.  Let her see You.  Let her know that her husband lives with You.  Give her hope and a future, and the strength of Your joy.  You are the God of all comfort.  Comfort her with Your all.  In Jesus victorious, precious, and mighty name, let it be.