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Bakhytzhan Kashkumbayev: Kazakhstan


UPDATE  April 13, 2014

In February, Pastor Kashkumbayev received a suspended sentence of four years in prison and three months probation.  He was released from prison, but has received a notice that the prosecutors have filed an appeal asking for a longer sentence.  The Court of Appeal will hear the case later this week.

UPDATE  February 27, 2014
Pastor Bakhystzhan was released from prison on February 17, 2014.  He was sentenced to 4 years of probation.  He has been the pastor of his church since 1995.  His bold preaching on spiritual freedom has caused anger.  He spoke with Open Doors by phone shortly after his release, telling them he was on his way to visit his grandchildren!

Source:  Open Doors

UPDATE February 5, 2014
Pastor Bakhytzhan has been awaiting his trial in prison for months.  On January 29 he finally returned to court.  Surprisingly, two of the charges against him were dropped–“extremism” and “development of the illegal religious association”.  He continues to face the 2 remaining charges:   “Intentional damage of the health”,  and inciting sectarian strife.”  In another surprising move, the pastor and his lawyer refused to participate in the court proceedings.  The pastor was removed from the courtroom by armed guards, and a screaming match broke out between the judge, the pastor’s lawyer, and members of his church, who were in the courtroom.  Then the lawyer left the courtroom.  It is believed that a new lawyer, a public defender, will be assigned to represent Pastor Bakhytzhan.

Please pray for Pastor Bakhytzhan’s health, that the court process will produce a fair and correct verdict, and that the pastor, his family, and his church will be shining lights in this difficult situation.

Source:  Open Doors

UPDATE  February 1, 2014
Pastor Bakhytzhan was released from prison on October 8, 2013, to await his trial under house arrest, however police officers were waiting for him at the prison entrance, and arrested him as he left the prison.  His family hadn’t seen him in 5 months, and his trial, due to take place in November, hasn’t happened yet.

The mother of a member of his congregation accused him of harming her daughter with the communion juice, but her daughter claims she was wrongly diagnosed with schizophrenia during a forced psychiatric exam.  She has strongly defended the pastor against the allegations.

What you can do:

  • Pray for Pastor Bakhytzhan and his family and congregation.
  • Write him a letter of encouragement.  (When writing, don’t mention any organizations from which you received this information.  Be respectful of the country, and stick to words of support and comfort.  Write a personal letter.)

Bakhytzhan Kashkumbaev
SI-12 (ETs 166/1)
Alash Tas Zhol street 30/1
010000 Astana

Source:  Voice of the Martyrs

Pastor Bakhytzhan Kashkumbayev, 67 years old, has been charged with “harming health”, after praying over the sick and serving “hallucinogens” to his congregation (it was just red tea used for communion).  He has been placed in a psychiatric facility, and the authorities are attempting to have him declared insane.

Kazakhstan has been increasing its hold over religious activities.  A new law, proposed in March 2013, would allow authorities to imprison people who share their faith for up to 4 months.  If the law passes, it will be the first law in that country that establishes religious activities as a criminal offense.  The constitution of Kazakhstan guarantees its citizens the right to freely choose and practice their religion.  Some people have commented that this arrest is similar to what occurred under the communist rule of the country.

What you can do:

  • Pray for Pastor Bakhytzhan and his family and church.
  • Pray for the Kazakhstan parliament and all the country’s leaders.

Father in heaven, we lift up Pastor Bakhytzhan to you today.  How he must feel having been placed in a psych ward is beyond my ability to comprehend.  Pour out Your mercy and grace upon him.  Give him sweet rest, abiding peace, and joy greater than he has known before.  Bring him into Your presence, and fill him with Yourself.  Strip away all but You within him, and conform him to the image of Jesus himself.  Let him be the shining light house to all those around him, who need You so much!  We lift up his family, his friends, and his church to you, Lord, and ask you to protect them and guide them in his absence.  We pray for the leaders in Kazakhstan.  It’s an enormous responsibility to run a government.  We pray that the members of parliament will always put the welfare, and human rights, of their citizens above their own desires and agendas.  Let freedom reign in Kazakhstan, Father.  Pour out the spirit of harmony throughout this country, and create a climate where the people of all religions can practice their faith in tolerance and acceptance.  Above all else, let Your will be done on earth, as it is in heaven.  Thank You for your unending mercy and grace toward us all.

Source: Mission Network News


Makhset Djabbarbergenov: Kazakhstan


UPDATE  December 6, 2012
Makhset DjabbarbergenovDue to the workings of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, Pastor Makset was released from prison in Kazakhstan on December 4th.  Representatives from the UN met him at his release, took him to the airport, and supported him through passport control.  He was reunited with his wife and four children, and the family was flown to an undisclosed location in Germany.  He has been banned from returning to Kazakhstan until 2017.  His family and friends are grateful to the Kazahk government for releasing him, rather than extraditing him to Uzbekistan.  Aigul, Makset’s wife asked, “Pray that we can follow God and He’ll lead us to be where He wants us to be.  We want Him to solve and resolve the situation and tell us what to do.”

Source:  Open Doors

Makhset Djabbarbergenov is a house church pastor from Uzbekistan.  Due to numerous arrests, he and his family fled to Kazakhstan in 2007, applying for asylum through the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.  The organization determined that the family qualified for refugee status because they would be prosecuted because of their faith if they were returned to Uzbekistan.  However, the government of Kazakhstan has ruled against the Djabbarbergenov family several times, and his case is now in the highest court of the land.  No date has been set for his extradition hearing, but prosecutors are moving ahead with the extradition request.  Makhset was arrested on September 2, 2012, and is being held in a prison in Almaty.  The government of Uzbekistan is charging him with 2 counts of practicing religion outside of state regulations.  Each charge could result in a 3 year prison sentence.

Makhset’s wife, Aigul, is pregnant with their fifth child.

What you can do:

  • Pray that God will intervene on their behalf, that He will strengthen Makhset and his family, and protect them in Kazakhstan.
  • Send a message to the Kazahk ambassador requesting the family not be forcibly returned to Uzbekistan.

Dear Lord,
A family is in trouble!  They have fled to a foreign country, and that country wants to return them to a place of persecution.  The nations have ruled they are truly in danger, but their adopted government doesn’t agree.  We ask You to intervene on their behalf.  Raise up millions of Your people to intercede through the ambassador.  Soften the hearts of those who make the decisions in Kazahkstan.  Let mercy and justice rule in this case.  Strengthen Makhset, who’s in prison awaiting trial, though he hasn’t been charged with any crimes in the country where he lives.  Strengthen his family, especially his children.  They have already known what it means to flee from their homeland, adjust to life in a new country, and now their sanctuary home appears to be rejecting them, as well.  Lord, we know this happens to so many people in the world, so as we pray for Djabbarbergenov family, we pray for all those in similar situations.  Send help to them, Father.  Pour Your Spirit out upon them to bring them comfort, protection, and relieve their terror and stress.  Provide for the family, Lord.  Reveal Yourself to them and assure them that You are their strength, and their portion forever, no matter where they are or what happens to them.  We commit them into Your care and protection.  In Jesus’s name, Amen.

Source:  Open Doors