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Elderly Christians: Iraq


A group of ten elderly Christians kidnapped from their nursing home in Mosul by ISIS have escaped, finding refuge among the Kurds in the northern section of the country.  The eight men and two women were “expelled” by the terrorists when they refused to convert to Islam.

The terrorist group continues to hold several other hostages, including a three-year-old girl.  They are seeking ransoms for them.

Source:  Open Doors

Father in heaven, I lift up ALL the people held by terrorist groups around the world.  I ask You to protect them, defend them, and provide for all of their needs.  Give wisdom to the world’s leaders as they seek ways to deal with these organizations.  Give peace and hope to all the captives.  Reveal Yourself to each one of them individually, set them free from fear, and fill them with the power of Your Spirit.  You know their needs–I don’t!  Give them ALL that they need.


Christians: Iraq


UPDATE September 13, 2014
No church bells are ringing in Mosul for the first time in 1,600 years as thousands of Iraqi Christians flee from the area that has been taken over by the Islamic State (ISIS).   Many are walking with nothing but the clothes on their backs.

Source:  Open Doors

What you can do:
Contribute to Open Doors and other organizations helping those who are displaced and fleeing from war and terrorism.

Father, the world seems to be imploding.  There are wars everywhere, nations invading nations, terrorist groups are growing and expanding in every area on earth.  There doesn’t seem to be anyone on earth who cares.  Politics is all I hear.  I thank You that You are in charge, that You never leave us or forsake us, so in the name of Jesus I ask You to pour out Your power and strength upon all the people persecuted by terror and war.  Lead them to safe pastures.  Restore their souls.  Provide for their needs.  Show the world’s leaders what to do, and give them the backbone to do what they say.  Protect these precious people of Iraq, Lord, and use this outrageous situation to bring about Your kingdom to that land–a kingdom of love and peace.

Christians in Iraq recently woke up to find an Arabic letter N painted on their houses.  The Letter stands for the word nasara, meaning “Nazarene”, a word non-Christians consider derogatory towards Christians.  They were told to either convert to Islam, pay a huge tax, leave the country, or die.

IS, the terrorist group, really more of anarabic n army, called Islamic State, has been terrorizing Christians, and other minority groups, throughout Iraq and Syria.  They have been beheading children, crucifying Christians, and wantonly attacking and killing anyone opposed to, or in the way of, establishing an Islamic Caliphate.  They now control a large area of Iraq, and are operating in Syria.  According to the Pentagon, they present a serious threat to the world, as well.  This week they beheaded American journalist, and Christian, James Foley, when they did not receive $350,000,000 in demanded ransom money.

Sources:  Huffington Post
Voice of the Martyrs
American Center for Law and Justice

What you can do:

  • Purchase a T-Shirt from Voice of the Martyrs to raise money to support displaced persons.
  • Sign a Petition to stop the genocide.
  • Write to your representatives asking them to do all they can to stop this genocide.

Father God, it’s hard to watch the reality of what is happening to Christians and other minority groups in Iraq.  We lift up every persecuted person to You and ask You to be their strength, their defender, their deliverer.  I ask You to provide for all their needs.  I thank You for the Kurds, who are accepting refugees and doing all they can to fight the Islamic State.  I ask You to give wisdom and courage to the political leaders of Iraq, the United States, and the world, so that they will find the most effective way to deal with the genocide and the world-wide threat that IS poses.  I thank You for what Mr. Cameron is doing in Great Britain to deal with the spread of IS, and I ask You to help him to develop a consensus of world leaders willing to stand against genocide and terrorism.  We need You, Father.  Turn to us and deliver us from evil.  Pour out Your Spirit of mercy, grace, and love upon Iraq and its people.

Terror in Iraq


Terror and violence in Iraq has been increasing in recent years.  Before the war there were 850,000 Christians living in the country, with the northern area of Kurdistan a relatively safe area for them.  Today there are about 345,000 Christians in the country and there are no areas of safety left.  “Each hour the news gets worse.  The violence is unbelievable.  Please pray for Iraq and the remaining Christians,” says an email received by Open Doors from Baghdad.  The government has failed to protect its citizens from threats, rape, robberies, kidnapping, and church bombings, occurring with increasing intensity.  Al Qaida has stepped up its threats to the general Iraqi population, and communication has broken down again.  Recent violence in Baghdad has included car bombs,  and suicide bombers.  Scores of police and soldiers have been killed.  Security has broken down.

“When people ask me what they should pray for us here in Iraq, I say it should be the 3Ps–protection, provision, and perseverance.”  Please pray for the entire country of Iraq, its leaders, its military, and its people.

Lord of heaven and earth,
We pray today for the people of Iraq.  Their country has been devastated by cruel dictators, and the violence and destruction of war for many years now.  They remain under attack from terrorists sent into the country from other places, and the foundations of their civilization are in tatters.  Pour out Your Spirit of grace and mercy upon Iraq, Lord.  You love them.  You restored health and sanity to Nebuchadnezzar thousands of years ago.  Now, today, Father, restore health and sanity to the entire country.  Let peace flow like a river, bringing safety, cooperation, respect, and prosperity to a people who have been in danger for so long.  Provide for all their needs.  Protect them from the evil one.  Help them to persevere no matter what the future holds for them.  Fill the land with Your strength, forgiveness, and love.  In Jesus’ mighty name, Amen.