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Tomi Alipa: Indonesia


Tomi Alipa, 22,  was killed on January 15, 2015 while working with his mother and sister near their home.  As Tomi was driving his family’s cattle home, he was shot by 8 men, members of the  East Indonesian Mujahidin, a radical terrorist group.  When Tomi’s mother confronted the men, they claimed the shooting was in retaliation for some arrests of their friends.  This group is also suspected in the shooting deaths of Heri Tobio, 59, and Imanuel Tetembu, 56.

Source:  Voice of the Martyrs

Father, I pray for Tomi’s family as they grieve the loss of their beloved son and brother.  I pray that You will provide for all their needs now that they have lost one of their providers.  I pray for the men who did this horrible act–that Your kindness will lead them to repentance.  I ask You to fill Tomi’s family with forgiveness, comfort, and love, so that Your grace and mercy will shine through them to all those around.  Let Jesus reign.


Ribur Manulang and Roy Kalbulan: Indonesia


Ribur Mnulang and Roy Kalbulan were arrested in Indonesia for sharing their faith with others in their country.  Ribur has written a letter to Open Doors thanking those who have been praying for her.  Here is an excerpt from her letter:

…One time, I felt dismayed. I told God it was very difficult for me, and I even thought of giving up sharing my faith. But the Lord encouraged me with words from Matthew 10:24, ‘I will never stop you from spreading the Good News. If I, your Master, was persecuted, you will face the same thing too, because the student is not above the teacher, nor a servant above his master..”  My heart overflowed with thanksgiving! I asked the Lord to grant me wisdom to speak because I was not good in speaking. I prayed so that whenever people asked me, I could share the gospel with confidence.

Read the rest of the letter here.

Source:  Open Doors.
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What you can do:
•    Write a letter to encourage Ribur and Roy.
•    Pray.
•    Educate others about the plight of persecution in the world today.

Dear Heavenly Father,
Thank you for the opportunity to hear directly from one of Your children who has been arrested and is in prison.  Thank you for hearing her cries and answering her prayers in the midst of a truly terrifying situation.  Strengthen her with power in her inner man, and defend her physically from the attacks of evil, cruel people.  Let her light shine brightly in the darkness so that all those around her will see and know that she has been with You.  Open the hearts, minds, and eyes of those who are her persecutors.  Bring them out of the darkness into Your marvelous light.  Fill her heart, life, and eyes with love for her enemies.  Surround her with Your love–a love that will never leave her nor forsake her.  Let the prison become a holy sanctuary of worship and praise to You.  May Ribur and Roy bear much fruit each day, fruit that will last for eternity.  Thank You for all Your great and precious promises.  Remind Ribur and Roy of each of them every day.  Bless and protect their families during their imprisonment.  Keep them safe and supply all their needs.  Release them from fear and anxiety, and fill them with Your hope and joy.  Remind them that Your plans for them are not to hurt them, but to give them a hope and the future.  In Jesus awesome Name, Amen.