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Hayat Hussein: Ethiopia


Eighteen year old Hayat Hussein (a pseudonym given to protect her identity) was born into a devout Muslim family, and trained in the Koranic School.  As a teenager, Hayat began asking questions about “the prophet Isa” (the Islamic name for Jesus), and her parents and teenagers warned her against pursuing her curiosity.  Her father decided to send her to Saudi Arabia for more Islamic instruction, but Hayat refused to go.  Instead she got a job in a barber shop, hoping she could meet people who would answer her questions.  She eventually met some Christians, attended church with them, and secretly converted to Christianity.

One day Hayat became ill, and as she was sleeping she began to quote verses from the Bible, and call out the name of Isa.  Her father heard her, and searched her mobile phone where he found some Christian songs and an audio Bible.  He was very angry and made threats against her, but Hayat waited for an opportunity to run away from the house.  She received help from fellow Christians, and today is safe from her family, who is still searching for her.  “I want first to know more about Jesus, and then would like to return back to my family and friends to share with them about Him,” she said. “I would not be ashamed to die after doing that.”  Her friends have had to relocate her to a different city in order to keep her safe.

What You can Do:
Pray for Hayat, her family, and the people who are harboring her.

Source:  Open Doors

Lord God,
Thank You for the way You called this beautiful girl to Your side.  Thank You for providing her with a safe haven, and friends to support her and care for her.  Thank You for her exuberant faith and the testimony she is to You.  We lift up her father, her family, and her village.  We ask You to pour out Your Spirit of revelation knowledge upon them, as You did upon her.  Open up their eyes, ears, and hearts, and show them the glory of Who You are.  Let Your kingdom come to Hayat’s village, and let Your will be done in her, in her family, and in all those with whom she has contact.  In Jesus amazing name, Amen.