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Christians: Eritrea


185 Christians were recently arrested during a prayer meeting when Eritrean security forces raided their meeting place.  They were praying about the number of Eritreans leaving their country.  All Eritrean churches were closed in 2002 that are not part of the government sanctioned religious organizations.  This group, name “Living God”, is part of an underground network of Christian fellowship.

The people are being held at a police station in a neighboring district.  Some of the women and children were released when they promised not to meet together anymore.  Church leaders fear more raids may occur in the future.

Please pray for those believers who are still in captivity, as well as for those who have been released.  What a difficult situation to be in.  I often wonder what I would do!

Source:  Voice of the Martyrs


Religious Persecution: Eritrea


Amnesty International released a report this month cataloging human rights violations by the government of Eritrea.  The report states that the government has been using “arbitrary arrest and detention without trial on a vast scale to crush all actual and suspected opposition, to silence government critics, and to punish anyone who refuses to comply with the restrictions on human rights imposed by the government.”  This practice began following the independence of the country in 1991, and is widespread today.  Open Doors estimates that about 1,200 people are currently imprisoned in the country because of their religious beliefs, although other organizations say the number is much greater.  191 Christians have been arrested this year alone, and are being kept in harsh prison conditions.  Many suffer from poor health.  There have been no reports of any of these prisoners being released this year.

Authorities recently arrested 37 Christian students from the College of Arts and Social Sciences, in Adi Kihe.  Open Doors believes the students are in the Dekemhare military camp.  Five men from the Church of the Living God were also arrested last week.

“If I am to describe the situation of religious persecution in Eritrea, I would say it is still at its highest level ever, and getting worse,” an Eritrean Christian said last week.   Conditions in the country appear to be harsher than ever before, and are getting worse.

  • The Red Cross, and other organizations are not allowed to work or investigate in the country.
  • It appears that none of the religious prisoners have benefited from legal aid or due process.
  • Prison records are unavailable.
  • Many prisoners have been arrested during national service.  When their service period is over, they are moved to military camps where they are forced into hard labor.  The family of the prisoners is often aware that they have been incarcerated.
  • Often times, when prisoners become too ill and death seems likely, they are placed under house arrest.

Church leaders have asked for prayer for the leaders of their country, strength to continue their pastoral ministries even under severe persecution, endurance to obey the laws of the land as much as is possible without disobeying God, and to wisely and humbly work with the government to change the political and religious laws.

Father in heaven, You are the author of all governments on earth.  You bring them to power and You bring them down from power.  You have established the leaders of Eritrea, and they are working to accomplish Your plan in that country, no matter what it may look like to us.  Fill Your people with Your joy, peace, and love.  Empower contentment to fill every nook and cranny of their lives.  Give them wisdom, communion, and unity, whether they are in prison or at home, to live as Your people in a hostile land.  Give the church leaders the physical and emotional strength to minister to their flock, but also to all those around them.  Let the Eritreans see You when they see Your people.  Give them wisdom and understanding as they try to live within the laws of the land, and give them favor with the powers that be as they seek to find solutions to the very difficult conditions of their country.  Surround Eritrea, and flood it with Your healing light.  Let Your kingdom come.  Amen.

Source:  Open Doors

Adris Ali Mohammed: Eritrea


Adris Ali Mohammed died at the Aderset Military Camp in Eritrea on October 30, 2012.  He was 31 years old.  Adris was a Muslim convert to Christian who was arrested because of his conversion.  He was incarcerated for 2 years, in a “suffocating dungeon.”  He never received medical treatment for a serious case of malaria, and suffered greatly from the illness.  Although he frequently received “harsh military treatment” and many death threats in an attempt to force him to renounce his faith, he remained firm and died bravely, according to reliable sources.  Open Doors estimates there are about 100 Christians imprisoned at this installation because of their faith.

Dear Heavenly Father,
You are the Father of these brave and suffering men and women.  Surround them with Your love and protection.  Fill their cells with your presence.  Turn the “suffocating dungeon” into a sanctuary of praise and glory to Your Name.  Lord, I pray for Adris’ family, and the families of all your suffering children.  Comfort them, strengthen them, and keep them safe from the enemy.  Give them the assurance that they need to stand strong.  I thank You for keeping Adris by Your side to the final end.  I thank You for the glory that will come to him for all that he has suffered on Your behalf.  Let Your kingdom reign in the hearts of all Your children, Lord.  You are the King of kings.

In Jesus’ tender Name, Amen.

Source:  Open Doors

Teenagers: Eritrea


Seventeen Christian teenagers were marched across town on August 5, 2012 as authorities led them to the police station where they were arrested.  Crowds laughed at them and ridiculed them as they made the 45 minute trek.  According to sources, they were sent to a remote military prison where inmates are often tortured and put to hard labor.  It’s difficult to get information about prisoners in that remote location.

What you can do:

  • Please pray for them.  No one knows how long they may be there, and there is no word on why they were arrested.  Pray for their families and other Christians in the country.  Eritrea is one of the worst countries for Christians in the world.

Father God,
We lift up these seventeen children to You today.  We don’t know much about their plight, and what we do know may or may not be true, but You know exactly where they are and how long they will be there.  Fill up their souls with Your Spirit.  Fill up their cells with Your love and glory.  Pour out Your blessings on them and bring them into Your heart as they share in the sufferings of Jesus.  Fill them with love and forgiveness for their jailers.  Remove every root of bitterness that attempts to grow in their hearts.  Wash them clean and let them shine like beacon lights for You.  There is so little we can do for them, but show each of us the role You want us to play in their incarceration.  Protect their families.  Bring them comfort and peace–there isn’t any worldly peace that would work in this situation.  You are the only one in the universe who can bring good out of such a tragic circumstance, so I pray that each of these children, along with all their friends and families, will reap a rich harvest of lasting, beautiful fruit from their endurance. Keep them enduring.  Hold them all in Your mighty hands.  Don’t let a single one fall away, Father.  They are Your children, called by Your Name–it is up to You to keep them by Your side.  Don’t let even a shadow come between them and You.  Allow them to support and bless each other, and show them ways to fellowship together in the darkness.  To You the dark shines as light as day.  Let it be that way for each of them.

In the Name of Jesus, according to His Will, Amen.

Source:  Open Doors