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Yang Hua: China


Yang Hua is the pastor of the Living Stone Church in Guiyang, China.  He is the third generation in his family to lead a Christian church.  He’s been imprisoned before, and had completed his current prison time where he’d been detained since December 9, 2015.  When his wife arrived to pick him up at his release, she saw four men from the detention center grab him and throw him into an unmarked van.  Apparently, that was the last time he was seen.

Yang Hua founded the Living Stone Church in 2009 along with Pastor Su Tianfu.  There are currently more than 700 members.  The church has been repeatedly pressured by China’s government to join the religious organization sanctioned by the government–the Three Self Movement.  They have been threatened with destruction if they do not.

Source:  Voice of the Martyrs

Please pray for Yang Hua, his wife, family, his church, and the Chinese government.

Father,  It continually amazes me to hear the stories of those who are persecuted because of their faith, race, or gender.  It seems that man’s imagination is as big as the heavens when it comes to ways to hurt those who are different from them.  I ask you to fill Pastor Hua’s life with love, joy, and peace, wherever he is.  I know that your love, mercy, grace, and forgiveness are shining through him, and through all those who are suffering for the sake of Your name.  Protect him from harm, and deliver him from evil.  Provide for the needs of his wife, his children, and his congregation.  Strengthen them.  Use what the government intended for evil for the good of Your kingdom.  Pour out Your Spirit of revelation knowledge throughout all of China.  Open the eyes of the leaders to Your Truth and overcome evil with everlasting good.  Do this for the glory of Your Name!  Amen.



Cheng Jie, Huang Quirui, Li Jiatao: China


 Cheng Jie, a director of a local school, was arrested on February 18, 2014.  She was charged with “making a profit from the creation and publication of kindergarten curriculum.”  Huang Quirui was arrested on June 24, 2014, and sentenced to two years in prison for printing the kindergarten curriculum that teaches positive character traits used by a local school.  The materials teach such traits as honesty and being trustworthy.  There is no mention of any religion in the materials, and the school’s parents were charged only for the cost of printing the materials.  Li Jiatao, the school’s accountant, was arrested and sentenced, as well.  Authorities closed the schools, refunded the parents’ money, and reassigned the teachers to other schools.

“The act of printing is not an illegal business operation, and Cheng Jie’s act of taking care of the books is not an illegal business operation. The act of shipping the books, which Huang Quirui did, is not an act of an illegal business operation,” Tan, one of the lawyers on the case, said.

Huang said,   “Certainly, suffering is beneficial to me! God is testing me and molding me through tribulation. He wants to mold me into a useful instrument.”

Source:  Voice of the Martyrs

What you can do:

  • Pray for the two women, and one man, as they serve out their sentences.
  • Pray for the students who can no longer attend the church school.
  • Pray for China.

Father, Thank You that You are with these sisters and brother wherever they go.  You were with them as they wrote the material, You were there at their trial, and You are in their prison cells with them.  You said Jesus in you is your hope of glory.  Let the presence of Jesus fill each of them as they seek to serve You in prison.  I pray for the students whose school was closed.  Be their teacher, protect them in their new schools, and give them teachers who are compassionate, kind, and loving toward their students.  I pray for their wives and families during this difficult time.  Protect them, and provide for them while their husbands are gone.  I pray that each one of them will soon be able to return to their families.  I thank You, too, that freedom of religion is slowing gaining ground in China.  Fill the land with Your wisdom and light.  In Jesus powerful Name!



Wenxi Li and Lacheng Ren: China


UPDATE  January 14, 2015
Wenxi Li has been released from prison and is home with his family.  He completed a two-year sentence and was released on December 18, 2014!

UPDATE  October 16, 2014
Wenxi Li’s wife, Cai Hong Li, has been able to visit her husband in prison.  She believes that God is using the situation for good.  Although her family is experiencing hardship as a result of the situation, she says she is content and that the only thing she needs is prayer.

Lacheng Ren and Wenxi Li were arrested and sentenced to five years in prison for helping a fellow Christian set up a new Christian bookstore in Taiyuan, China.  Police raided Enyu Bookstore, and confiscated hundreds of books that Wenxi had brought from Beijing.  One of the security workers in the area is reported to have shouted, “Don’t you dare bring Christian culture here. This is our turf.”

Wenxi was told to come to the police station on December 19, 2012, so that he could pick up the $6,000 worth of seized books, but when he arrived he was arrested and sent to prison.  He was denied bail.  At the same time Wenxi was arrested, Lacheng was arrested at his home.  He is one of the bookstore’s founders.

What you can do:

  • Pray for Wenxi and Lacheng, their families, their fellow inmates, and their captors.
  • Pray for Chinese Christian bookstores throughout the country.
  • Write letters of encouragement:

Lacheng Ren
2nd Detention Center
Xiaodian District, Beige Town
Taiyuan City
Shanxi Province

Lord, it seems so unfair for these men to be arrested simply because of setting up a new business, a Christian book store.  We lift these men up to You, and ask You to fill them with the light and hope that comes from Your presence.  Make their spiritual lives more powerful and evident than their physical lives, Father, and bless them as they share in the fellowship of the sufferings of Jesus.  Fill them with love, forgiveness, patience, and kindness, even in the most difficult situations.  Provide for and protect their families, and support them with the power of Your spirit during their separation from their husbands and fathers.  You are the great redeemer.  You alone make good out of evil.  Pour out Your redeeming work on this situation and please give these men a vast spiritual harvest as they labor in their new field!  You are the Lord of all!  Amen.

“Huang” and “Li”: China


A man was arrested when he and some friends tried to reclaim items illegally confiscated by police from a church.  Police told his wife, “Li”, that her husband would be released if she recanted Christianity, but she refused.  Her shoulder and arm were injured in a car accident shortly before “Huang” was arrested, and she has been under surveillance by the police for some time.

What you can do:

  • Pray for “Huang” and “Lid” (not their true names)
  • Pray for the people in their community.
  • Pray for the police involved in the incident.
  • Pray for the church members affected.
  • Pray for the Chinese government.

Father, I lift up Huang and Li to you today.  You know exactly who they are and what they are going through.  I ask you to give them strength, comfort, peace, and joy in the midst of their trials.  I ask you to protect them and deliver them from evil.  Shine through them, and strengthen them to forgive those who use them spitefully.  Heal Li’s arm.  Provide for her needs during her husband’s detention. Work on Huang’s behalf that he might be released soon.  Support your people in their church, and make them a blessing to everyone around them.  In Jesus’ mighty name!

Alimujiang Yimiti: China


 UPDATE  October 16, 2014
Alimujiang’s wife reports that he is pale and weak, but he is doing well spiritually.  She asks for prayers for her husband and her children, who are having a hard time without their father.  The younger child, who is six, dreams of his father being released, and the older child has become discouraged and depressed.  Please continue to pray for this family.

UPDATE February 1, 2014
Alimujiang is reported to be in poor health.  Please pray for him and his wife and 2 young children.

UPDATE July 8, 2013
alimungian yimitiOpen Doors reports that prison life has been very hard for Alimujiang.  He has to purchase anything he needs in prison, and items cost several times more than they do outside of prison.  He is only allowed one visitor per month–usually his wife, Gulnur, or his mother will come.  Friends say that, considering everything, he is doing well.  Alimujiang has served 6 years of a 15 year sentence for “instigating separatism and revealing state secrets” as he ministered his Christian faith among the Uyghur people.  Please continue to pray for his wife, his two young sons, and his congregation during this very hard time.

UPDATE July 3, 2013
A representative of Voice of the Martyrs recently visited Alimujiang in prison, where he’s been since February 2008.  He reported that he is doing fine.  Please continue to pray for him, his wife, and his two young sons, as well as the church that he was leading.  Consider sending him a letter of encouragement (address is below).

Father God,  Alimujiang has been imprisoned for over 5 years now; that means that he has spent half of his life as a Christian in prison!  His two little boys are growing up without their daddy.  Be their father, Lord, and fill them with the peace and joy of Your spirit.  Strengthen his wife.  Support her strongly and bring her the help she needs as she walks through this treacherous situation.  I thank you for the joyful spirit You have given to Alimujiang and the testimony he is for you in prison.  Be everything to him, Lord.  Draw him closer to You than he ever could be apart from this experience.  Make him fruitful in his prison work, giving him lovely fruit that will last forever.  Bless him with the power of Your presence.  Speak clearly to him, and prepare his way before him.  Let Your kingdom come to that prison, for the sake of Jesus, who loves us and gave himself for us.  Amen  

Alimujiang Yimiti became a Christian more than 10 years ago.  He is active in the growing Uyghur church.  The Chinese government closed his business in September of 2007, accusing him of using it as a cover for “preaching Christianity among people of Uyghur ethnicity.”  He has since been arrested (January 2008) and accused of “subversion of the national government and endangering national security,” a crime punishable by death.  Alimujiang’s most recent trial began on May 27, 2012.  The case was  referred back to the Chinese Public Security Bureau due to “insufficient evidence.”  He is still in prison awaiting the outcome of the review.  His case has been “reviewed” numerous times, and the original sentence set down in August of 2009 has been upheld.  At that time he was sentenced to 15 years in prison for “suspicion of inciting people to secede from China” and “illegally providing state secrets to foreigners.”

Alimujiang’s wife, Gulinuer, was recently informed by prison officials that she would no longer be allowed to visit her husband once a month, but would only be allowed entrance once every 3 months.  The last visit (November 2012) only lasted 15 minutes.  Since then she has been allowed to speak with her husband one time, by phone, on New Year’s day.  The family’s lawyer believes these restrictions are illegal, and are related to Alimujiang’s most recent appeal.

What you can do:
Pray for Alimugiang, his wife, Gulinuer, and his family.
Write to him:

The Xinjiang No. 3 Prison
No.1339, Dongzhan Road
Urumqi city
Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region
People’s Republic of China

Note–When writing to political and religious prisoners, please don’t mention the names of any organizations from which you received the information.  This may result in harsher punishment of prisoners.  Be polite and respectful of their countries.  Use the letters to send encouragement and support.

Information Source:  Voice of the Martyrs

Lord in Heaven, You are the maker of heaven and earth.  All things are in Your hands, and nothing happens apart from You.  Lift up Alimujiang and Gulinuer in Your strong, mighty right hand.  Fill them with wisdom, peace, love, and contentment.  Let their lives shine out with Your light, filling the dark places around them.  Let them be fruitful during this time of affliction, as You live Your life through them.  Open up the hearts and minds of their captors, the prosecutors, and the judges, so that they can see the glorious light of Your presence shining through Your children.  Strengthen your people.  Encourage them.  Reveal Yourself to them in new ways, and work a fresh new work in and through them.  Protect Gulinuer and all of the family members and friends who are affected by this situation.  Work strongly in the churches that Alimujiang has helped to establish.  May they flourish during his absence, and grow strong in You and in the power of Your might.  Let Your will be done in this situation on earth as it is in heaven.  Amen.


Gao Zhisheng: China


 Nobel Prize nominee, Gao Zhisheng, disappeared five years ago, on February 4, 2009.  The Christian attorney  had been in trouble with the Chinese government since 2005, because of his defense of persecuted religious minorities, and the poor.  Gao’s wife and two children escaped to the United States a month after Gao’s first imprisonment, in March 2009, after they were abused and tormented by Chinese police.  In March of 2012, Gao was being held at the Shaya prison, located in a remote area of western China.  Gao’s father and brother were allowed to visit him for a while, but it’s been more than a year since his family has been able to contact him.  Numerous attempts to reach Gao have been made by the attorneys hired to defend him.

What you can do:

  • Pray for Gao Zhisheng.  His family is concerned about his health, and the fact that they haven’t been able to contact him for over a year.
  • Pray for his wife and children who are living far away from him, in the United States.

Source: China Aid

Lord of Heaven and Earth,
We are so grateful that You are the Lord of heaven and earth.  Nothing happens anywhere without Your knowledge.  Everything that is lives and moves and has its very being in You.  You are there, in prison, with Gao Zhisheng.  We thank you for his willingness to come to the aid of those who are unable to defend themselves.  We pray that You will repay him many times over for the suffering that he has endured as a result of doing Your will.  Let his suffering bind him closer to Jesus day by day, and hour by hour.  Strengthen him in his inner man.  Encourage him, when no one else can.  Defend him in his defenseless situation.  Be his Father, mother, brother, wife, and children, in their absence.  Let Your light shine on him, and be reflected to all those around him.  Flood him with your presence.  We thank you that his wife and children are safe.  Let that thought sustain Gao during his isolation, Lord.  You are all he needs.  Be all in all of him each day of his life.  Let Jesus reign!

Yang Rongli: China


Pastor Yang Rongli, and four other leaders of the Linfen-Fushan church, were sentenced to prison for 2-7 years.  They were accused of  “gathering people to disturb the public order.” On September 13, 2009, 400 military police invaded the church grounds, seriously wounding more than 30 members, and destroying 17 buildings.  The church leaders held a prayer meeting on September 14, in response to the raid.  This was the event that caused their imprisonment.

Now, halfway through her sentence, Yang Rongli is very ill.  She is suffering from hepatitis, diabetes, and high blood pressure.  She has not been allowed to receive medical treatment, although she feels dizzy and disoriented all of the time.  She is scheduled to be released in 2017.

What you can do:

  • Pray for Pastor Yang, her health, her cellmates, her jailers.
  • Pray for her family, and the church that was devastated in the raid.
  • Write a letter of encouragement to her.  (When writing, be respectful of the Chinese government, and don’t mention any organizations from which you received information.  This can cause many problems, including lengthened prison terms, for the prisoners.)

Yang Rongli
Women’s Prison
Yuci City
Shanxi Province

God of heaven and earth, You are right there in the prison cell with Yang.  Supply all her needs.  Heal her body, if that is what is best for her.  Clear her mind so that she may share Your mercy and grace with all those around her.  Speak through her words, her expressions, her actions, her face.  Fill all of her with all of You.  When people look at Pastor Yang, let them see You.  Flood her prison cell with spiritual knowledge, and soften the hearts of her captors and cellmates.  Turn her cell into a sanctuary for all those that live there.  Let Your kingdom come and your will be done in the Women’s Prison, just as it is done in heaven.  Amen.

Source:  Voice of the Martyrs