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Christians in Algeria and Morocco were recently detained and questioned by police regarding their religious beliefs.   The three men (2 in Algeria and 1 in Morocco) were released after hours of interrogation.   The men were detained because each one carried a Bible.  In both countries the detentions were illegal.

Source:  Open Doors–Algeria
Open Doors–Morocco


“Rasmi” and “Maysan”: Algeria


“Rasmi” and “Maysan” were married three years ago, and began renting a house in Bejaia.  They paid their rent on time, and had a good relationship with their landlord.  Recently, the landlord came to them and told them he’d noticed them going somewhere at the same time each Friday.  He asked what they were doing.  They explained that they are Christians and that they went to church each week at that time.  A few days later the landlord returned them and told them to leave.  He did not want Christians living in his house.    In one day, the young couple became homeless.  Fortunately, a member of their church invited them to stay with him until they could find new living arrangements.

Maysan said, “It’s true; it is difficult for us. We were just beginning to have a stable life after the birth of our first child. But God has not abandoned us. He gave us the brothers and sisters of the church at our side, they care about us in this situation.”

It is becoming increasingly difficult for Christians to find places to rent in Algeria, whether it is for their home, business, or church.

What you can do:

  • Please pray for “Rasmi” and “Maysan” and their son “David”.
  • Pray for a new home for the family.
  • Pray for the people and the government of Algeria.
  • Let others know about the growing persecution of Christians throughout the world.

Source:  Open Doors

Father, I lift up Rasmi and Maysan and their little son, David, to You today.  They need a place to live, Father, and a stable country with fair laws to raise up their little boy.  I ask You to strengthen them and bless them.  Provide for all their needs.  Give them wisdom and grace in dealing with this problem in their homeland.  I pray for the people of Algeria, and the leaders who govern them.  I ask You to pour out Your Spirit of righteousness and justice on the nation.  Open their eyes to see what is not right, and give them the courage and the conviction to stand up for a change in attitude and thinking.  I pray that you will bless the nation through Your children who are called by Your name.  Fill them with love for their neighbors, and empower them to love those who curse them, and use them spitefully.  Let Jesus reign in Algeria!