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Yang Hua: China


Yang Hua is the pastor of the Living Stone Church in Guiyang, China.  He is the third generation in his family to lead a Christian church.  He’s been imprisoned before, and had completed his current prison time where he’d been detained since December 9, 2015.  When his wife arrived to pick him up at his release, she saw four men from the detention center grab him and throw him into an unmarked van.  Apparently, that was the last time he was seen.

Yang Hua founded the Living Stone Church in 2009 along with Pastor Su Tianfu.  There are currently more than 700 members.  The church has been repeatedly pressured by China’s government to join the religious organization sanctioned by the government–the Three Self Movement.  They have been threatened with destruction if they do not.

Source:  Voice of the Martyrs

Please pray for Yang Hua, his wife, family, his church, and the Chinese government.

Father,  It continually amazes me to hear the stories of those who are persecuted because of their faith, race, or gender.  It seems that man’s imagination is as big as the heavens when it comes to ways to hurt those who are different from them.  I ask you to fill Pastor Hua’s life with love, joy, and peace, wherever he is.  I know that your love, mercy, grace, and forgiveness are shining through him, and through all those who are suffering for the sake of Your name.  Protect him from harm, and deliver him from evil.  Provide for the needs of his wife, his children, and his congregation.  Strengthen them.  Use what the government intended for evil for the good of Your kingdom.  Pour out Your Spirit of revelation knowledge throughout all of China.  Open the eyes of the leaders to Your Truth and overcome evil with everlasting good.  Do this for the glory of Your Name!  Amen.