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Child Prostitution: South Sudan

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The recent civil war within Sudan, which resulted in the establishment of a new country–South Sudan–has resulted in an increase of child prostitution in the new country.  Adult prostitutes before the war came from surrounding countries, but when war broke out they returned to their homes.  Teenage girls, displaced by the war and lacking families to care for them, are filling in the gap.  “I cannot take more than 3 men per day … even then I must sometimes rest for a few days,” says Susan, a 14-year-old orphan.   “The level of displacement has really increased the risk of how many children are exposed to potential trafficking. Lots of children have lost family support and are at greater risk of being exploited,” a US embassy official told Al Jazeera.  A recent survey completed in September 2013 by Confident Children out of Conflict (CCC) and the French embassy found that 31 percent of 159 street girls surveyed were victims of commercial sexual exploitation.

What you can do:

  • Pray.
  • Inform others.

Source:  Al Jazeera

Father, I lift up all these children to You.  They have no earthly fathers and mothers to care for them–You are the only hope they have.  Pour out Your Spirit on each one of them today.  Show them the way to go, and a pathway out of this misery.  Raise up people in South Sudan, and around the world who will adopt, support, and love these children.  Send new parents to them.  Give them new homes.  Lead them to productive, useful, and nurturing jobs.  Change everything for each one of these young people tangled in the works of their parents.