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Isma: Saudi Arabia

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Isma, a sixteen year old Pakistani woman, born in Saudi Arabia, was jailed after she reported that she had been raped.  “I was raped and molested without my consent but I was named as the accused, and the man who committed the crime was not touched. He first kidnapped me, dragged me into his car. Initially he asked for sleeping with him and offered a huge sum. When I refused and tried to get away, he warned me of dire consequences and raped me in the car.”  Isma, and her sister, Muni, who tried to help her, were both deported to Pakistan.  Isma spent six months shackled and in a prison in Saudi Arabia before she was removed to the homeland of her parents.  Isma does not want to pursue the case because of concern for her parents, who remain in Saudi Arabia.  They were brought (trafficked) to the country 20 years ago.  According to The Human Lens,

“It was the darkest time of their life to see the cells full of countless innocent women prisoners from Pakistan, Indonesia, Bangladesh and Nigeria who were brought to Saudi Arabia through trafficking networks and were charged with prostitution.”

Mr. Ansar Burney, a human rights lawyer in Pakistan, has taken the two teenagers under his wing.  He has rescued thousands of young women from sex trafficking organizations throughout the Middle East, Europe, and Asia.

Saudi Arabia is a common destination for human trafficking rings, and an active market for slaves and sexual objects.  It has been under the scrutiny of human rights organizations for many years.

Source:  The Human Lens

What you can do:

  • Pray for the victims of the human trafficking cartels.
  • Pray for the government of Saudi Arabia, that they will change their policies.
  • Contact the State Department of your country and urge them to take a stand against the slave trade.

Father, I lift up Isma and Muni, and their parents, to You.  You are their Maker and their Father.  They have been deported to a country they have never seen before.  I thank You for raising up their lawyer, Ansar Burney.  I pray that You will give him wisdom and direction in dealing with these two young women, and all the many others he is aiding.  Provide for their needs in defending the oppressed.  I pray that you will heal Isma from this horrifying and traumatic event.  I thank You for the courage she has displayed in reporting the crime, and enduring and persevering through the injustice she has encountered.  I thank you for her sister Muni, who was willing to stand up for her sister.  I pray that you will give them a home, a career, and a life that brings them many blessings, and that blesses others as well.  Cleanse them of all bitterness and hatred that would ruin their own lives, and bring them into the land of joyful life!