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“Sana” & “Kanwal”: Pakistan & Dubai

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Sisters “Sana” and “Kanwal” were duped into prostitution when they met with a “woman from the city” who told them of lucrative jobs in the cosmetic and beauty industry.  They signed papers of employment, which were really fake travel documents allowing the girls to travel out of Pakistan, to Dubai.  At the airport, they were informed about the true nature of their “jobs”, and when they asked to leave, were told about the false papers, and threatened with being turned over to the authorities.  They boarded the plane, hoping to get help at their destination.

Upon arrival in Dubai, they were tortured, beaten, and their Pakistani families were threatened when the girls refused to participate in sexual acts.  The brothel in which they were placed contained 20 other under-aged girls who were imprisoned, and kept apart from each other.  The sisters were occasionally allowed to call their parents, but were afraid to tell them the true nature of their situation, or even give them a clue, due to fear of reprisals.

The girls were finally allowed to return to Pakistan, to renew their visas, and told family members about what had happened to them.  Then members of the trafficking gang broke into their home, attempting to kill them.  The family has a lawyer, but little progress has been made on their case.  The two sisters now live their lives in fear of the gang that kidnapped them and made sexual slaves of them.

Source:  The Human Lens

What you can do:

  • Pray for “Sana” and “Kanwal” and their family
  • Pray for human trafficking gangs and organizations to be identified and stopped
  • Pray for the authorities in charge of controlling these gangs
  • Pray for those who use human sex slaves to come to their senses, and stop their patronization

Father, I can’t even begin to imagine what these two sisters, and others like them, have gone through.  I ask You to protect them from their enemies, to cleanse them of guilt, and to give them new lives of freedom that they can enjoy.  I ask You to strengthen their families, and protect them all from evil.  I pray for their lawyer, that You will give him wisdom and courage to push this case, and that those involved will be brought to justice and stopped.  I pray that You will pour out Your mercy, grace, and love on everyone involved with the case, for You can bring redemption from corruption, and love from hate.  You can make all things work together for good.  Stop at nothing to restore and redeem these precious girls that You have created in Your own image.