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Eman Morco Saroufim: Egypt


An armed Muslim man kidnapped Eman Morco Saroufim, 39, on September 3, 2014.  She was taken from her village in Menia Egypt, but later escaped from her captor on September 26th.  The Egyptian government claimed to have a video of her stating that she had left her family and come willingly with the man, desiring to convert to Islam, however  she denied all of this when she escaped and returned to her family of five children.  She says she is a Christian and will not convert.  The man has threatened to kidnap her children if she doesn’t come back to him.

Every month, women and girls are abducted and forced to covert to Islam.  Many are forced to marry their captors.  Videos are often made where the captives are forced to lie about their situation.  The videos are then sent to their families.

Source:  Voice of the  Martyrs

What you can do:

  • Contact your governmental representatives regarding the plight of women and girls in Egypt and around the world.  Encourage them to do something about the problem.
  • Pray for women and children who are victims of human trafficking.

Father, Thank You that Eman was able to escape from her captor and return to her family.  We lift her up, along with her five children who have been threatened by this man.  We ask you to move the authorities to work to keep her and her children safe.  We ask you to work in the heart of her captor, to bring him to repentance and the full knowledge of the truth, to bring him into Your glorious kingdom of love.  Give Eman courage and wisdom regarding the situation.  Provide for her needs, and give her friends and family who will help her through this dangerous event.  Bless her, strengthen her, encourage her, and support her, in Jesus’ mighty name.