Hassan Abduraheem and Kuwa Shamal: Sudan


DECEMBER 19, 2016
Two Christian pastors have been arrested in Sudan–Reverends Hassan Abduraheem and Kuwa Shamal.  In November of 2015, the men attended a conference where Pastor Abduraheem was speaking.  He showed a picture of a young man who had been badly beaten, and explained that he was helping to pay for the man’s medical expenses.  The Sudanese government declared that anyone who helped this young man was violating national security, and the following month, in December 2015, the two pastors were arrested. Pastor Shamal was released for a short time in 2016, but was then re-arrested in May.  They are being held in horrible conditions in prison.  Both men have been charged with ” waging war against the state and espionage to agitating hatred between classes.”  They both face the death penalty for helping an injured man.

Source:  ACLJ

What you can do:

  • Pray for both pastors, their families, and their churches.
  • Pray for the people, government, and courts of Sudan.
  • Write to your congressional representatives about this situation.
  • Sign a petition asking for justice.

Father, thank You for the strength of these tow men as they face deplorable conditions in a Sudanese prison.  Give them the encouragement then need to praise You in this dark place, and let Your light shine brightly through them.  Turn this condition from a curse into a blessing, and fill them from top to bottom with Your glorious presence.  Protect their friends, family, and church members.  Bring light to the entire country of Sudan, Father.  I commit these men, and their country into Your strong hands.  In Jesus’ name, Amen. 


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