Benham Irani: Iran


UPDATE  December 6, 2016
Pastor Irani was released from prison on October 17, 2016, after having served a 6 year sentence.  He was reunited with his family in Turkey on November 17, 2016.  Thank you for all your prayers on his behalf!  Blessings and healing to Pastor Irani, his family, and all his friends!

UPDATE  June 16, 2016
Pastor Benham Irani is once again suffering from severe coughing as he completes his prison term.  The doctor doesn’t know what is causing the coughs, and he has not given him any treatment or medication.  Please pray for strength and healing.

UPDATE  January 7, 2016
Pastor Irani is currently serving a six-year term in prison (he has nine months left on that sentence), and has been very ill for much of that time.  On top of back problems, worsening eyesight, and bleeding intestines, he is now suffering from influenza.  He is very weak, and unable to speak with others.  Please pray for him!

UPDATE  October 3, 2015
Pastor Irani has been released from prison again, this time for 2 days.  I pray that he will enjoy this short rest, and that the courts will reconsider his request to spend the last two years of his sentence under house arrest.

UPDATE  August 4, 2015
Pastor Irani is still on prison leave.  He is expected to return to prison on August 7, 2015.  He has been on leave since July 4, 2015!

UPDATE  August 1, 2015
Pastor Irani was recently granted two weeks of prison leave, during which he was able to return home to his family.  He will return to prison following his leave.

UPDATE  February 19, 2015
Under Iranian law, a prisoner may be granted a conditional release for good behaviour when they have completed more than half of their prison sentence.  Pastor Irani recently applied, and although the prison officials  agreed, the judge turned down his request.  Pastor Irani remains in poor health as a result of his incarceration.  Please continue to pray for him and his family.

UPDATE  December 16, 2014
Pastor Benham Irani has won his appeal!  He will continue to serve out the terms of his first conviction (a sentence of 6 years) and then he will be released!  Finally some good news!

UPDATE December 6, 2014
Tomorrow Pastor Irani will be able to represent himself as the Iranian court hears his appeal.  Please pray for him and for the courts!

UPDATE  December 1, 2014
Pastor Irani recently wrote a letter from prison.  He wrote it to encourage you!  You can read it at Present Truth Ministries.

Reports indicate that Pastor Irani remains a concern of Iran’s secret police, and that they intend to keep him in prison for the rest of his life.  Threats have also been reported against his wife Kristina, and their children, Rebekah and Adriel.  Please continue to pray for them, and that the Western governments who are negotiating with Iran will not be complacent about the government’s policies of persecution and intolerance.

Source:  Present Truth Ministries

UPDATE  November 3, 2014
Six more years have been added to Pastor Irani’s sentence (making a total of 12 years), but the charges against him of “spreading corruption on earth” were dropped for him as well as two other leaders of the “Church of Iran”.  This took away the possibility of their receiving the death penalty.  Pastor Irani is being moved to a new prison near the Afghanistan border where it will be hard for his family to visit him.  The other two men, Abdolreza Haghnejad and Reza Rabbani, are being moved to a prison at Minab, in the south of Iran.

Please continue to pray for these three men, their families, and their church.  Do whatever you can to make the people around you aware of the horrific persecution that is going on all around the world.  Millions of Christians have been affected, but many other minorities are being targeted as well.

UPDATE  October 16, 2014
Pastor Irani was beaten on June 7, 2014 and held in solitary confinement for weeks in an unknown location.  He has been returned to prison where new charges have been brought against him.  A judge has charged him with “communicating with media.”  Authorities interrogated the pastor on five separate occasions, for four hours at a time.  Please pray for him!

UPDATE  April 5, 2014
Pastor Benham Irani has been in prison since 2010.  He is a Christian convert from Islam.  Recently his prison cell was searched by the authorities who took his Bible, his notebooks, and books he had checked out of the prison library.  According to Iranian law, citizens of Iran are allowed access to religious materials, but this does not always seem to apply to coverts from Islam, who are considered apostates.  His wife, Kristina, is raising their two young sons alone while her husband is in prison.  She has developed stomach ulcers.  Please pray for this family.

What You can Do:

  • Pray for Pastor Irani.
  • Pray for his wife Kristina, and their two sons.

Father, today we lift up Pastor Irani and his wife Kristina.  Remind them of the glory that awaits those who suffer because of their relationship with You.  Strengthen them.  Support them.  Lead them.  Guide them.  Heal them.  Protect their children from evil, and reveal Yourself to them so that they will follow You, as do their parents.  Pastor Irani has lost his Bible, Father, but he hasn’t lost You.  Speak to him directly.  Remind him of who he is and who You are.  You are the Most High God.  Prove Your presence to these children of Yours each day, and every hour.  Amen.

Pastor Behnam Irani began serving a sentence for “crimes against national security” after turning himself in on May 31, 2011.  His sentence was for 1 year, but was later increased to 5 years.  Since being imprisoned he has been beaten repeatedly by fellow inmates (with guards watching).  His beatings have resulted in lose of vision, and difficulty in speaking and walking.  He also appears to be suffering from an inflammatory bowel disease.  Sources close to the situation fear he is so ill he will die in prison, unless the conditions change.

Pastor Irani was the leader of a house church in Iran.  On April 14, 2010 security officials interrupted a worship serviced to arrest the pastor.  They confiscated Bibles, DVDs, and other Christian literature.  In January of 2011 he was tried and convicted of crimes against national security.

What you can do:

  • Please pray for Pastor Irani, his family, and his fellow prisoners and jailors.

Father, God of all Creation,

We lift up Pastor Irani before you today.  He has laid his life down to serve You, and all those with whom he comes in contact.  You have brought him into contact with those who hate him, who repeatedly beat him, and who have wounded his body, perhaps to the point of death.  Jesus, you know exactly what that is like.  Pour out your Spirit upon him.  Fill him with your mercy, grace, forgiveness, and love.  Let his light shine before the men in his prison so that they will see his good works and glorify You.  Speak through his mouth, Father.  He is not able to speak freely anymore, but You can speak through him.  Heal his wounds.  Comfort his spirit.  Release him from pain.  Let him soar on wings like an eagle above the chaotic fray.  Open up the hearts and minds of his captors and persecutors.  Reveal Yourself to them with power and authority.  Turn the prison into a sanctuary where Jesus, the King, is praised forevermore!  Nothing is too hard for You.  With You, nothing is impossible.

Comfort and protect the pastor’s family, Father.  Surround them with Your protection and power.  Lift up their heads, be the strength of their lives, and be their portion forever.  Fill them with confidence in You, in Your plan for the world, and in their place in Your plan.  Keep them strong in the faith.  Hold them in Your hand and never let them go.  Thank You for the powerful work You are doing through Pastor Irani and his family and church.

In the awesome, sweet name of Jesus, Amen.

Source:  Voice of the Martyrs


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