Kuwa Shamal: Sudan


Reverend Kuwa Shamal is the the head of missions for the Sudan Church of Christ.  He was detained, along with three other men, on charges which could result in the death penalty or life imprisonment–conspiring against the state, provoking hatred among sects, publishing false news, conspiring against the state, spying against the country, and violently opposing public authority.  The four men, Rev. Shamal, Rev. Hassan Abduraheem, Czech aid worker Petr Jasek and another Sudanese man, were detained on December 18, 2015.

While attending a missionary conference in Sudan, Petr Jasek met with a young man who had been badly injured during a demonstration.  He gave the man some money to help with his medical expenses, and received a receipt signed by the other men.  Upon leaving Sudan, Petr was searched by authorities and the receipt was found.  He, and the men who signed the receipt, were arrested for illegal fund raising, although they did not participate in raising any funds other than the single donation.

Three trial dates have passed without any progress toward resolution.  Please pray for these men and their families.



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